Are you a manufacturer, importer or distributor with excess inventory?

Are you a retailer looking for the best end of line deals?

Daegon is the company for you!

Why our clients choose us

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Overstock Purchasing

Worried about excess inventory of obsolete goods? Concerned about warehousing costs for products at the end of their life-cycle? We can help you by purchasing your excess inventory and redistributing it in a way that will maintain your brand integrity.

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Professional & Friendly Service

Feel secure in the knowledge that your excess inventory is being handled by our experienced and professional purchasing team. Our friendly and efficient team do their best to ensure our customers are satisfied.

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End of Line Trading

In today’s fast-paced world, we see how quickly trends and ranges change. We are the No. 1 destination when it comes to helping companies turn end-of-line stock into cash.

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Brand Protection Guaranteed

Successful brands don’t just establish themselves. At Daegon, we are sensitive to how much effort and expense goes into building a brand. Guaranteeing brand protection is essential. Maintaining and promoting your brand is important to us.

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Conventional & Unconventional
Redistribution Channels

Let our experts close the gaps that separate your goods from consumers. Using both conventional and unconventional distribution channels, we ensure efficient sale of excess inventory.

fast professional and global service

We make instant decisions, pay upfront for everything we buy, we take delivery immediately but most importantly, we can pay at least 50% more than any of our competitors!